STILL Haven’t Heard Any News from the Dr. Oz Show Yet…But the story continues as I wait and walk through the journey…..

Friday, April 27, 2012- The Night of my 30 Year Reunion and The Psychological Evaluation for Dr. Oz show.

I’m sitting here, with hot rollers in my hair, waiting to go to my 30 year High School reunion. Still haven’t heard from the Dr. Oz show, but each time I have the urge to google or search if there is anyone who has heard anything, the Lord just tells me to wait and trust…be still and know that He is God, and He is working on it.

On Monday, I had to go to the JFK Hilton and have a psychological evaluation done for the next step of the challenge. I was all dressed and ready to leave, and the woman who was doing the evaluation called to let me know that her plane was delayed. We rescheduled for later that afternoon, so I took the time to run over and pick up all of my paperwork from my doctor, with the results of my blood work, etc. When I entered the office, my doctor happened to be out front, and she said that all of the blood work came out great. All of my numbers improved even more. My triglycerides came down 67 points! The whole office was really excited for me. Again, what a great feeling to have your doctor say she is really proud of you.

For years, many times I would postpone my appointment thinking, “I’ll wait until I lose some weight, so I don’t get in trouble for the number on the scale.” I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Whether it’s my primary doctor or the obgyn, I’m always embarrassed to step on the scale when I go there. But I do know that not going, because of weight is not the right thing to do, especially when it is so important to get all the regular tests done and catch anything that is wrong, in the early stages, especially any types of cancer.  My number is still not one that I am proud of yet, but it is going in the right direction.

One really important thing that I did learn about all of my numbers, is that they were never terrible. My doctor pointed out, before I left, that because I have always been active and athletic, playing tennis, paddle, etc….even 61 pounds ago my numbers were not in a dangerous range. So, it goes to show how important it is to move a little at any weight and size. That was something that I had never thought about before.

I brought all of the paperwork home, picked up lunch for my husband and I, and for the woman doing my evaluation, figuring with her plane delay, she probably wouldn’t have eaten, and the instructions said that the test could take 3-4 hours.

I emailed everyone to pray for me that day, and by the time I left, my mailbox was FILLED with scriptures and special words of encouragement. One of my close friends, who has such an amazing gift of prayer, actually called me from her job to pray with me on the phone. It was absolutely beautiful!

My husband drove me to the meeting, I’m so glad that it was his day off, and that he could be with me, as I had no idea what to expect.  As I sat in the lobby and waited and prayed, (because the nerves were definitely beginning to kick in), the Lord had me start remembering all that He had done so far, and my fear actually left, and I actually became excited to meet the woman that the Lord hand picked for me to have this evaluation with. This is what I wrote as I sat in the lobby waiting…

“Sitting here praying the Lord will give me the right words–His words, not mine. HE KNOWS! Resting in His mighty power and loving hands. Just thinking about all of the “God-incidences” throughout this entire journey, which have led me to tears, taken my breath away and left me in awe–which gives me renewed hope and joy and faith sitting here in the lobby of the JFK Hilton–that I just need to enjoy every single moment that He is blessing me with–surrendering the fear and anxiety, and excited to see what will happen next. I can’t wait to share the testimony of this meeting with everyone when it is over–knowing He will be glorified in the conversation. Excited to meet the woman who has been hand picked by God to meet with me for the evaluation in just a few moments.” (written in the lobby, Monday, April 23)

Well, I can share with everyone now that it is over, that she was so nice. She had such a wonderful way of putting me at ease, and she got me started in right away. She handed me a test booklet of, I think, over 400 true/false questions, and I proceeded to work through the test, until she came over about half way through and asked for me to join her over by her computer. She asked me lots of questions, we had a great discussion, and then I went back and finished the test. When I was finished,  I looked over my answers, then placed my hand on the book and answer sheet and asked the Lord to take it and have His will be done.  I  gave her the test, spoke with her for a little while longer, and then before I knew it, over 3 hours had passed and it was over.

I felt good about the meeting. I can actually now say, that I have had a psychological evaluation in my lifetime. Of course, you leave and in the car, you start thinking, “oh, I should have said this or that”, but then Warren and I just laughed and he said, “you did your best, and it’s still in God’s hands, don’t worry.”
We drove home, got all of the paperwork together that need to be faxed by 6pm on Tuesday, and we went to fax it, so that it was completely in and finished Monday night. I went to bed praising God for the day, for the wonderful woman he put me with, the fact that Warren was off to be with me through it all and then help me fax everything out early. We placed it all in His hands and we have continued to pray that everyone reading my stuff and making the decision will choose me as one of the finalists.

So, it is now Friday, April 27, still no word or email, I check it all the time. I’m heading to my reunion. I was hoping that I could tell everyone there about my journey, and tell them that I am a finalist, but I guess we won’t be finding out until next week.

However, I am headed to my 30 year reunion, and thanks to this challenge and journey, I feel like a million bucks tonight!! What a gift. So…I will write all about the night when I can. Praying that it will be a special night where I can share what the Lord has done for me with people I graduated with 30 years ago!

One thought on “STILL Haven’t Heard Any News from the Dr. Oz Show Yet…But the story continues as I wait and walk through the journey…..

  1. Randi says:

    Wendy: They always say no news is the best news! As always your words are so powerful. I am hoping that you and your family will have a great weekend. I am looking forward in reading your next blog. Love Randi

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