Wed. April 18,- Final Physical and blood work for Dr. Oz Challenge…. My Doctor is really proud of me!…

Wednesday, I went in to have my final physical and blood work done for the challenge. I had to fast from Tuesday night until Wednesday at 12:15. (wow, did I miss my morning coffee!)…I got into the room, the phlebotomist came in, who was soooo excited for me. She is a beautiful woman who has just lost over 57 pounds herself doing the P90X program. She is so fit and so nice….and she was so excited for me as she took my blood, did my EKG, which she said looked amazing, and told me twice during the time that she was with me, just how proud she was of me and how great I looked. According to their scale, I was also another 4 pounds down since my final Dr. Oz weigh in! It was a great feeling to be at a doctors office, expecting to get great results. And it was really special to have such a fit, medical person say that she was proud of me.


Then my doctor came in, she was really excited to hear that I had made it to the finals, and she looked over all of the paperwork that she had to fill out for the challenge, and then proceeded to do a thorough exam so that every part was filled in.


As she looked at my EKG, and then took my blood pressure, etc…she was filling out the paperwork and just saying how proud she was of me. At on point she said, “you have the heart and blood pressure of an athlete!”  Those words really overwhelmed me. I was a real athlete in school, but that was over 30 years ago (my high school 30 year reunion is actually next week). So, after working so hard in all of the classes at the gym…interval training, weight training, spinning, rowing, etc…to hear that after around 4 months of real workouts at a gym, that I now have the heart and blood pressure of an athlete, was truly amazing! What a gift!


After a very thorough exam, with my wonderful doctor filling out lots of paperwork, making sure everything was in order for me, I left, walking to my car with such a smile, and such gratitude. I just came from an office where everyone joined me today in this exciting place and time. They spent so much time with me, making sure everything was in order with the paperwork, doing a thorough exam of every possible thing, and just making me feel sooooo great about all of the numbers and results, explaining to me what they all really meant, and showing me in my folder, how far I have come in fitness and health.


Of course, as you begin trying to lose weight, it starts off as being all about the number on the scale, and that is still very important to me at this point, but to get to a point of understanding and seeing the important numbers from your doctor improve to a point where your doctor is astounded…..WOW!  I can’t wait to see the new blood results since my last one’s in February.(I should know by Friday).  In February, my triglycerides had already come down 51 points! And all of my cholesterol levels were in a great place. Even my blood pressure was great….now it’s the blood pressure of an “athlete”, wow!


Today, Thursday, I did a spin class and wore my heart monitor and pushed it hard, to a number I had never seen before, and then saw my heart go down, back to a resting place even faster than it had before. Another amazing accomplishment, as it shows that my aerobic heart function has really improved.


These are all of the “off scale victories” that Elyse points out at the WW meetings. She tries to get through to all of us, that if you are doing all of the right things, the scale will eventually catch up, but don’t get so stuck just on the number on the scale.  Take it as feedback, not failure. There are so many other things you have to look at as you know you are becoming more fit and healthy. From clothes fitting a little better, to seeing ankles for the first time, moving a belt one notch smaller, breathing better, sleeping better, getting through a workout a bit stronger…to all of these amazing numbers getting better and better. One small change at a time, one small choice at a time leads to one small victory at a time.


I went to rowing class last night, and the owner of the gym was there, and it was great to share all of this great news with him. I rowed a lot harder last night in the intervals, just to see how hard my body would push. When I started this challenge last October, I never even dreamed of trying anything like this. In October, I started out, just like Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz said, just walk 30 minutes a day. That’s all that I did in the beginning…. and this is all what that has lead to.


As I am in the last weeks of this challenge, praying to make it to the end,  and still envisioning standing next to Dr. Oz, and having the opportunity to thank him and everyone who created this challenge, because it has changed my entire life..I am amazed at how far I have come. I knew the final number on the scale would be a big factor for me, I never imagined how incredible it would feel,  to be at my doctors office and see and experience medical numbers and results that showed such amazing improvement, and actually put me in the category of “an athlete”.  Continuing to walk in these amazing on scale and off scale victories, with such gratitude and awe!  I’ve learned so much.

7 thoughts on “Wed. April 18,- Final Physical and blood work for Dr. Oz Challenge…. My Doctor is really proud of me!…

  1. Randi Cervone says:

    Wendy, I will start with ” I learned so much” from you. I have saved everyone of your emails and blogs. I just keep reading them, and I try to inspire myself, you have learned to have so much faith! It is so wonderful when you stop by and I get to see your progress. Every few days people calling me to ask about you.
    I have a song that reminds me of you here are some of the words from Destiny’s Child Survivor: (I’m a survivor; I’m not goin’ give up,
    I’m not goin’ stop, I’m goin’ work harder I’m wishin’ you the best Pray that you are blessed Bring much success, no stress, and lots of happiness). Remember to be pround and strong! Love Randi

    • wendytrunz says:

      Oh Randi, You are definitely a woman who has taught me so much as well. Thanks for all of your encouragement, and especially the words to the song…just came in from a very tough workout.. Very sore, worked out really hard this week, but as the words say…not going to give up. Thanks again for everything. Your email came at the perfect time for me…at this very moment.

  2. Victoria Gordon says:

    You are so right–it’s so much more than the scale,that is just the beginning. I totally need the cardio, and hate losing my wind. Yoga and Pilates are great to keep the arthritis at bay and tone, but our heart is a muscle too and I need to work on my heart.
    (My other heart is full of love.)
    Want to see you and admire your new bod’ … It’ll be such a surprise for me as I haven’t seen you in a year! Sad.
    Xxoo. Good night.

  3. Jan R... says:

    Wendy, Wow what a wonderful “faith-filled” journey!!!! You are giving such wonderful Christian Witnessing. it is inspiring! Still praying for you and I know you will make it! God Bless you! Love and Prayers, Jan

  4. Paige says:

    You have always walked in faith, and now you are physically “walking” in faith. Your “off scale victories” truly outway the scale. Thank you for sharing your faith; it is encouraging. xoxo

  5. Heather says:

    It was so wonderful to see you at the reunion last night and to hear your story. I usually reserve a few hours on Saturdays for a nap. Today, I spent that time reading your entire blog — from start to finish. Truly inspiring! Know that you have my vote when the time comes!

    Heather Rubinson (now…Schechter)

  6. Randi Cervone says:

    Always a surprise…. last night before i went to bed I was thinking ” I have not heard anything from Wendy and hoping that she will post a blog” tomorrow morning. Not, to my surprise I walked into work and saw the most beautiful fuchsia roses on my desk with a lovely note from “WENDY”. I has been my pleasure to be your friend and to follow you through your journey. Thank you for always being so beautiful and kind!

    Love Randi

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