March 16-Flyers of Me are on the Walls of Power Ten Fitness Gym!!


Today we went to the gym for one of our favorite classes, which we refer to as our “last chance workout” for the week, (as it is Friday, and weigh in at WW is every Saturday morning). As we stopped and signed in for the class, someone pointed at the wall and said, “isn’t that you?”, then Meg said, “Wendy, look, it’s you!”…I looked up on the wall, and there was a framed flyer all made up about me and the challenge, with the picture of me and Dr. Oz on it.

I stood there and read everything it said, and tears welled up in my eyes. I was ON the wall of the Power Ten Fitness gym!!!…not only on that wall, but another one was right at the door when you walk in!  Another absolutely incredible moment in this journey, that I will NEVER forget.

I turned around, and the owner of the gym was training someone, but I just had to run over and hug him and thank him. He, along with my zumba instructor got together and created it, and framed them and hung them on the walls of the gym…for me.….WOW! Who gets to experience something like that, without being some sort of celebrity? Even as I type this, I still can’t believe it happened.

As we worked out in our “last chance workout” class,..I pumped those weights, and did all those crunches, and all those repetitions…constantly thinking, “Wendy, your picture is on the walls of this gym. Steve and Holly took time out from all that they have to do,  to create an amazing flyer all about you!, and it is hanging right outside! Wow!”

I was also thinking, my day is crazy today, but I have to grab my husband and my friend as soon as they are both home, and bring them back to the gym to walk in and experience what I just experienced…..and of course, to take pictures of it!

We met in the parking lot later that afternoon, and they had no idea why I was taking them in (both of them actually thought I signed them up for a class or something). We walked through the door, and I stopped right in front of the framed flyer, and just watched their faces….they were sooo excited for me. We took pictures, then walked back out in the parking and they just took it all in with me. It was truly another extraordinary experience in this journey. I actually left a note at the gym telling them that this experience and what they did for me was just as exciting as standing next to Dr. Oz the other day….at it was!

I am heading to bed… sore from the work out, exhausted and excited from the day, still smiling, beaming from this experience…looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning at weight watchers…and my prayers as my head hits my pillow tonight will be filled with thank-you’s for this day that was filled with more incredible blessings!

5 thoughts on “March 16-Flyers of Me are on the Walls of Power Ten Fitness Gym!!

  1. pixiegirlgwyn says:

    The flyer is so touching. Congrats

  2. Paige says:

    For those of us who have known you, you’ve always been a “celeb!” You’ve always choosen to set a good example by helping, leading and teaching, and your influence on people by living your life through faith, honesty, kindess, patience, love, and forgiveness. Seeing you for the first time in 4+ months was exciting; a true transformation! I’m so happy for you that “Power Ten” rewarded you with such a sincere and heartfelt gift; because you definately have earned recognition for your hard work. Keep going, Wendy; I’m sure there more surprises waiting for you!! xoxo

  3. Gail (mom) Trunz says:

    Hi Sweetheart, I haven’t written anything yet, but am so amazed at your progress. You look beautiful and there is a sparkle in your eyes I have never seen before. You have always been so special to me watching you mature from your high school years. Now, to see you so happy because of what you are accomplishing, is a blessing to my heart. You have always been a help to anyone you see who needs it and now because you are taking care of yourself, you will be with your husband and children longer and with more energy. My heart sings when I look at you. I love you, Mom

  4. Victoria Gordon says:

    Hi Wendy!
    Just thought of you as I headed up to bed tonight and wanted to let you know I’m still rooting and praying for your success!! It’s YOUR story and your goal, but as your friend, it’s a joy to see your happiness and your face glowing! I’m so proud of you.
    xx-always, V.

  5. Tara Hehn says:

    Best of luck and sending you my blessings! You look amazing and keep up the good work! xoxo


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