So, What are you holding in that picture?….

Many people have asked me about my “I Believe” picture on this blog, wondering what I am holding in my hand. Here is the story about how that picture came to be…

Who goes to Weight Watchers the morning of Christmas Eve…ME!!!!
Who would have ever thought that I would be at a WW meeting the morning of Christmas Eve? Truth is, I couldn’t wait to get there. (I also played paddle for an hour and a half after the meeting to get in exercise that day..never did that before on Christmas Eve).  Elyse, the leader, and all of the people in this meeting are saving my life. They mean so much to me, I hope that I get a chance to one day stand up and tell them all. I lost the 1.2 pounds which was awesome to actually lose weight at this time of year. A time where I would be eating like crazy with the goal of “starting AGAIN in January”. This is the first time in my life that I am trying to be fit and I am actually losing weight during the toughest time of the year. A time where food is everywhere, and I can just keep layering the clothes to hide the fat. Not this year!!!

It was the greatest meeting. Everyone shared great ideas for recipes and ideas to get through parties, and then Elyse had the most brilliant gift  which she gave out to each person there…..she gave everyone a small little jingle bell, and reminded us of the bell in the movie, The Polar Express, pointing out that only those who believed, heard the bell. She told us to put the bell in a pocket or somewhere where we would hear it once in a while, to remind us to believe in ourselves… Believe that we could stay on target during the parties, during this most difficult time of the year etc….believe that we can win this battle.  I knew as soon as I got home, I would get a necklace to put it on, and wear it around my neck, to hang in my shirt, amongst all my necklaces, so that I would constantly hear it and constantly BELIEVE not only that I could stay on target, but I could continue to keep it on and when I hear it jingle, I  BELIEVE THAT I CAN BE THE MILLION DOLLAR ME AND WIN THE ENTIRE TRANSFORMATION NATION CHALLENGE!

I took a picture of myself all dressed up on Christmas Eve, and held up the bell for Elyse to see how much it meant to me, and then sent her the following email. I thought that was the best idea ever! That little bell kept me making better choices than I would have been making without it. I also remembered that either way, the next morning, I would absolutely get back on track and counting….because as Elyse reminds us over and over again…. you’re only one meal away from getting back on track!

Here is the email I sent to Elyse with the picture following, which eventually became the picture for my blog….

Hey Elyse,
Happy New Year! Wish there was a weigh in this past Saturday, but looking forward to next weekend. Just had to tell you that the bell and your lesson on the Saturday of Christmas Eve was absolutely amazing for me. I knew as soon as you handed out the bells, that I was going to find a necklace to put it on around my neck to remind me to BELIEVE, especially during the holidays. I wore a bunch of necklaces, and had my daughter give me a black string from her jewelry making stuff, I hug the bell on it, long enough to hide behind my shirt, but could hear it faintly to remind me to believe and behave during all the parties and celebrations. Not only did I do that, but as people commented on how great I was looking and asked what I was doing, I shared all about being in the Million dollar Transformation Nation Challenge, along with all that you have been teaching, and I took out the bell and told every single person about your lesson that morning. They have all commented with words like…”brilliant, that’s so cool, what an amazing idea, etc”
I know that it might have seemed like a good idea as you prepared…but I wanted you to know that it was one of my GREATEST christmas gifts this year, because I have worn it every single day, I put it on every morning, reminding me to stay on target and not only believe that I can lose the weight, but truly believe that I can win the Million dollar challenge. I can’t thank you enough. You have gotten me to this point so far!  Thank you, again, for all of your preparation for each and every meeting. The morning of Christmas Eve, at the meeting,  I took so many of the ideas people shared from the group, and gave them a try, also shared them with everyone during the holidays. Even handed out your sayings to family and friends. Anyway, will see you Saturday. Praying for a good 2 week weight loss. Off to exercise!   Many thanks, Wendy   PS the next email has a picture of my necklace.…

So….that picture was taken Christmas Eve. We are now into the first week of February, and the only time the bell is off my neck is when I am sleeping. It may seem like the littlest thing ever, but every time I hear it, or just hold it, it is a great reminder to keep believing I can do this.

I have heard it ring during the toughest moments in exercise classes or working out, and it has gotten me through…times during spin class when I didn’t think my legs could keep moving for a full hour, times at parties when it was hard to stay on target with the food….last Tuesday I was in a platform paddle tournament with a friend…we made it to the final round of our matches for the day, we went into a tie breaker in the first set, and the second set was so close (we were even behind at one point), and every time we had to switch sides, I jingled the bell, we laughed and just kept saying, “we believe we can win this!” It was soooo much fun, and a great win!

So, this little crazy gift was one of my greatest Christmas gifts ever. It keeps me inspired and believing during tough times, I have passed on the story to so many people who have either heard it ringing on me, or have just noticed it around my neck. I hold onto it, I hear it….and I continue to BELIEVE!!

2 thoughts on “So, What are you holding in that picture?….

  1. Gwyn says:

    That’s awesome! I started putting together a cork board of inspiring thoughts or saying in my bedroom. My word for the year is determination. You inspired me to make a blog of my own. I know you don’t know me but I’m thankful for your blog. Your a beautiful person.

  2. Paige says:

    I’m so happy for YOU!! You deserve every ounce of support that you are receiving through this challenge of your life. All of the support that you have given to others, is being returned to you. Love you very much. Thank you for sharing you life with me. xoxo

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