THANK YOU EVERYONE…You made me feel like a rock star!

January 13th, 2012

Before I put my next few posts up, I had to just thank you all for all of your beautiful words of encouragement and love. When Warren (my husband) and I finished setting up  this blog, it was the scariest moment for me to hit the button to send it out the the world. After getting up the courage to do it, Warren then tagged it on his facebook page (all the technology I am not able to do–yet!), and we went to relax and watch a little TV. By the time I was going to bed, still a bit anxious and fearful about putting such a difficult and private area of my life for me out there, I went over to the computer to shut it down, and my email was filled with “wordpress” messages–all of them from all of you!!!! I started to click and read them…tears were streaming down my face, as I tried to take in every word. Wow! After I read every one of them up to that point, Warren and I clicked over to his facebook page to see if there were any comments. Not only were there comments coming in, but many of you had taken it and posted it on your own walls for me!

I wish everyone in the world could feel and experience what I have experienced these past few days, going to my computer and reading all that you have written for me. People have been emailing and writing from all over the US, and my story has even reached Norway, Poland and London!

Since I began this challenge, I’ve dreamed of winning the entire thing, thinking that that would be when I could possibly share and inspire others, after getting “thinner”. I had no idea that I had already been doing that throughout my life, in the ways that you all took tome to share with me.

Why is it that many of us just can’t seem to see ourselves the way others see us? So  many of us have so many “hang ups” that keep us from seeing the value and impact our lives have now, and weight is definitely mine.  But all of you, through the stories you have shared with me, your words of love and encouragement, and your belief in me…sharing the way you see me…has been the most precious gift and a feeling that I can barely put into words.

So thank you for taking the time, not only to read my story and follow this journey with me, but for taking the time to write to me from your heart. I am holding onto every word, cherishing every story, and I’m working out even harder and harder, making the right choices…because you all believe in me–and your belief and encouragement is keeping me going!

This week was a big turning point, and I will get to share the specifics when I bring you all up to date…for now I will start posting from the beginning of my journal, and in about 2 weeks, you will all be up to date with where I am now. I am just busting to share it all with you! So here we go…..

HERE WE GO!! Very first weigh in on October 2nd…The Beginning of the Challenge…and so much more…

 For the Dr. Oz Challenge, everyone had to go to WW to receive an “official weigh in form”. You didn’t have to stay or join, but your official weigh in had to be there. I looked up all of the WW meeting times online, and decided to weigh in on Saturday in Manhasset. I know it might sound crazy, but I didn’t want to go to a meeting in my own town, as I didn’t want to bump into anyone I knew, especially while weighing in.

After weighing in and facing the awful number on the scale, I decided to go into the WW meeting, since it was free to try the day you weighed in. I had been to many different meetings throughout my life, and I wasn’t planning on signing up at this time. Little did I know the impact that this one meeting would have on me.

The topic of the class was “motivation”. The leader, Elyse, who was a vibrant, great speaker..who spoke honestly about her own experiences, really speaking from her heart, with great passion the entire time…was asking everyone, “what is motivating you right now to lose the weight?” The room was pretty quiet (most of the people at the meeting hadn’t seen the Dr. Oz show with the Transformation Nation Challenge).

I was sitting in the back row, didn’t know anyone, but finally raised my hand and said, “what better motivation is there than to be able to win a million dollars! Everyone in this room has chosen to want to lose weight, and now we all have the opportunity to not only lose the weight, but Dr. Oz is willing to give you a MILLION DOLLARS to do it!!! Elyse then went onto explain the show. She was actually on it, the day it was announced).

The meeting went on, and I could feel, immediately, how special this group of people were. They shared struggles so honestly, encouraged one another in such special ways, and Elyse continued to share all of her wisdom as a ww leader who has kept over 53 pounds off. By the end of the meeting, I knew I had to be a part of this group. I stayed after to learn the program, and then signed up before I left. The woman told me I could join monthly and save money, I hesitated, as always, thinking…am I really going to put a months worth of money out there? I had never done that, just to have the safety net of..”well, if I quit in 2 weeks or skip a few weeks, I won’t waste any money.

This time was finally different–I was truly ready to finally win this never ending battle, and I knew from this first meeting, this was where I was going to get the support and knowledge to do it!!

On a notebook I wrote these words…

Enough is enough, Wendy, now put together all that you have learned

              And become the “Million Dollar You”, you were meant to be!!!

I’m truly ready to win this never ending battle!

October 3rd– I sent emails to friends and family to see if they wanted to join, took all of the quizzes and tests on the Dr. Oz website for the challenge. Then I printed out all of the info, including all of my beginning numbers of weight, BMI, etc…and sealed it in an envelope to be opened when I do the final weigh in in April.

Just so you all know, the contest is still open for anyone to join. Go to a local WW meeting and weigh in, just fill out the paperwork and join me in the challenge. We can do it together!

Tomorrow I will put up my first video blog. It is the first time I filmed myself in October when I began. It will be another scary, uneasy feeling for me to put out a video of myself. Many of us, especially those with weight issues, don’t enjoy seeing ourselves in pictures, let alone video. But I know that I am constantly being taught and inspired by others who have done so, especially those who have even been on TV, sharing the weight loss for everyone to watch. It will be another tough “first” when I hit that send button tomorrow, will be working up the courage until then.

Thanks again for supporting me!

11 thoughts on “THANK YOU EVERYONE…You made me feel like a rock star!

  1. Jonathan Trunz says:

    Fantastic blog! Your writing is heartfelt and fun to read too. My only question…how are you going to spend all that money!! Love, Finn

  2. christina trunz says:

    I just want you to know that by being open and vulnerable, you will help so many others with the same struggles.
    You are so strong for so many and now you get to be strong for yourself.
    I am so proud to call you my sister-in-law and pray for your success everyday.
    I look forward to taking this journey with you!!!!
    Love you lots,

  3. christina trunz says:

    You are a rock star!!!

  4. Sue Halpern says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for your present and future successes, Wendy. You’ve inspired me to get serious about my own weight loss journey. God bless you !!

  5. Lorraine says:

    Great beginning!

  6. Debra Blundell says:

    You will feel incredible I promise!!! I want to give you hope…I have lost 60lbs….it feels great. Keep up the good work.

    Alone I dare not climb, with God I reach new heights.

  7. Pam Linsky says:

    So very happy for you Wendy and inspired by your determination! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to write and let us all in…I’m excited to see you crush the race and win!!!
    Praying for you my friend.

  8. Wendy, you are such an inspiration! I am so excited that you are willing to be so open and transparent through this journey and I can’t wait to see how well you do (and I know you’re going to do amazing!). I’m not surprised at all that you’ve had such a wonderful response. You deserve it! (And here’s hoping that you also win the prize!!!)

  9. BTW: You totally are a rock star! 🙂

  10. Beena Manu says:

    You are a rockstar!!! You are an inspiration and a true woman of God!! He created you special and beautiful!! Good luck!!!

  11. Kristen Taylor says:

    Wendy, no matter what your weight, you have always been and will be the best person you possibly can be!!! Your old friend wishes you luck and love on your journey to a healthier number on the scale!!!

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